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AKIRA Europe SAS is responsible for marketing and sales in Europe of products under the AKIRA™ brand name.

Established in France in April 2008, this company is entrusted to the management of a triad of experts in the mass-market electronics sector.

AKIRA Europe's founding principles remain the same as those of the mother company:

  • No compromises when it comes to product quality: in this light, AKIRA Europe has set up its own laboratory for evaluating and certifying audio, video and TV products.

  • A good product is also an attractive product: the French management of AKIRA Europe is the prescriber for the product designs that will be brought out on the European market. By calling on French and European designers, AKIRA Europe seeks to obtain the best possible fit with that market's aesthetic criteria.

  • Innovation that is both useful and fun: coming up with the most advanced technology makes no sense if the potential customer doesn't express a need for it, or doesn't understand the benefit. While passionately interested in product design and technology, our marketing team's sole ambition is to bring to market those products that have something extra to offer. Constantly in contact with our R&D centres in Singapore and Hong Kong, we seek above all to offer you ever more pleasure and ease of use through products chocked with innovations but first and foremost, fun.

  • We have a close working relationship with our customers, distributors and users : our primary objective is to keep our customers happy. For the very reason that we develop and sell technological products, our commitment doesn't stop once the buyer is out the store door with our product under his arm; it stands the test of time through an after-sales service that can be reached free of charge from any country, regular updates via our Internet site designed to keep our products current, an interactive site where you can check out our product line and technologies and contact us directly, whether you're a distributor or a customer.